Who we are

Founded in the year 1993, I-India focuses on the problems of children, young adults and women groups living on the streets and slums of Jaipur city. They support their beneficiaries by facilitating skill development inn different craft processes, business and leadership training. They also provide additional financial support and support for educational sponsorship, medical assistance and improving living standards.

The program also aims at working towards the empowerment of women artisans and producers through the formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs).

Where we work

The organization works with young adults and women groups in both urban and rural areas of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

How we Work

I-India engages artisans in handblock printing, kantha embroidery and handcrafted jewelry.

Handblock printing is a traditional printing technique practiced by artisans in Bagru. It is a unique process of natural dyeing, using the dabu mud-resist process. Block printing is undertaken on both cotton and silk fabrics of varying counts. The fabric is stretched across a table for the printers to begin printing. These blocks are then dipped in dye and imprinted on to the fabric by a skilled block-printer. If it is a multiple color design the second printer dips his block in color again using the point or guide for a perfect registration to fill in the color. Different dyes are used for silk and cotton.

It is only after the fabric is processed with an acid wash that the final color is established. Fabrics are dried out in the sun after the pigment printing to fix the color.

Kantha or Gudri, as practiced by I-India is a running stitch using threads and different design patterns. They do kantha stich on stoles, sarees, dupatta, etc.

I-India engages artisans to product Handcrafted Jewellery with a selection of readily available beads. Jewellery is created through different design processes such as twisting, knotting and tassel making.

Craft processes certified for:

  • Block Printing
  • Kantha embroidery
  • Handcrafted jewelry

Our products

Jewelry, Rugs, Home furnishing products, Stoles, dupattas, sarees, etc.